While we are all wondering how much of the Delirium books will find its place on the TV, ZAP2It got their hands on the script and talk about some big changes.

1. Julian Fineman. In the novels, Julian is a character introduced in the second book, “Pandemonium.” His father is a public figure, leading the DFA — Deliria-Free America — cause against the Invalids. In the proposed television series, Julian is introduced right off the bat, as a sickly young man who lives next door to Lena’s best friend, Hana, and is confused by his powerful attraction to her, though she’s not particularly interested. Yes — Julian and Hana.

2. Lena’s mother. In the novels, Lena’s mother’s suicide makes Lena long for the cure and fear the dangers of love. In the pilot, it’s actually Lena’s father who she believes died because he was infected with “Deliria.” When she learns some shocking revelations about what actually happened to him, she’s driven to take drastic measures.

3. Ren. The pilot introduces a new character, Ren, another Invalid who is Alex’s best friend. Though Alex falls hard and fast for Lena, he’s oblivious to the fact that Ren’s feelings for him go beyond friendship. She’s a key part of the Invalid’s plan to resist the DFA, and ultimately goes undercover to infiltrate the government she’s planning to revolt against.

4. Pacing. The first episode of the TV series actually covers the entire plot of the first book, in addition to including information about Julian and the DFA that readers didn’t learn until the sequel. Of course, in order to cram all of that into 42 minutes, there are certain moments that are lost — particularly key bonding moments between Alex and Lena, like when he took her to his home in the Wilds, and the first time she was introduced to poetry. We’re hopeful that those things will come into play later.


For us as readers, these are definitely big changes. While addition of characters is not really that unexpected, the pacing and changes to Julian, and subsequently the DFA, are a little surprising. If we compare it to other adapted TV shows, like The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle or Pretty Little Liars, the changes make sense. We’re watching the world of the book unfold, not just one or two characters.

What do you think?




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Tanvi On February - 1 - 2013

7 Responses so far.

  1. avatar erika says:

    Those are some huge changes but like you said completely understandable. Hope it goes well and its actually good!

  2. […] the news broke out yesterday about the immense changes in the Delirium pilot based on a script, there was an understandable […]

  3. avatar Emmah says:

    This sounds like it’s going to be absolutely horrible.

  4. […] suspicion has prevailed on the fandom ever since the script changes came to light a few days ago. While Lauren Oliver has asserted that the changes are necessary, many are […]

  5. avatar Claire says:

    This looks like it will suck. Come on? What’ll happen to my Lena and Alex moments?

  6. avatar Diananu07 says:

    I mean, we expected changes… but Lena’s MOM????!!!! That is untouchable! who do they think will be watching it?? People that didn’t read the books???

  7. avatar windy says:

    Okay all i’m going to say is the pilot would probably disappointed delirium trilogy’s reader. Why should there a big changes? Horrible.
    At least i hope the pilot wouldnt that bad. Ok

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